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Harrowing Experience with our Indian Railways

It was a happy as well as sorrowful day for me as I was moving out from Bangalore, the city of my heart and coming back to Kolkata my lovely home town. Leaving Bangalore and the friends, who made the city so special for me was heart breaking…while Kolkata is my hometown, the City of … Continue reading

The CSers on TOI

Welcome to BenGAYLuru – The Bangalore Pride Parade

In one of the threads on bangalore  couchsurfing group, Vidya mentioned about some Bengaluru Pride parade that was held last year and will be organized this year as well. People started talking about it. I was absolutely clueless as to what they were writing about, thought it to be a parade to make the Bangloreans … Continue reading

The Buccaneer of Modern Times

Piracy is no more just about hijacking on the high seas to loot and take over the ship, it now also means duplication of original documents without the owner’s consent.