The Buccaneer of Modern Times

Ahoy, me hearties!
On the high seas your wealth we steal
We capture your ship of our own free will!

As a kid when I first read ‘The Treasure Island’ I created a certain picture of the pirates – a gang of people sailing on the sea who loot, murder and steal to build their heap of treasure.

The interest in pirates never died in me and I still watch the movies related to pirates. It used to be the age of VCRs. We would hire movies to watch and, as technology developed, we moved from the age of VCRs to VCDs and LCDs and finally, to DVDs.

With the advancement of technology, the advancement of crime also took place simultaneously.

The term ‘piracy’ in ancient times used to mean ‘hijacking on the high seas or in similar contexts; taking a ship or plane away from the control of those who are legally entitled to it’ (Source: The word ‘piracy’ too advanced to add a new meaning to it – unauthorized duplication of an original recording for commercial gain without the consent of the rights owner (Source:

From the booty being in terms of gold, silver and valuable objects it now has advanced to it being in terms of duplication of the original document.

Few months back I read about the movie ‘X-Men Origins’ which was yet to be released. I went to the movie library to rent a movie and found the DVD of ‘X-Men Origins – Wolverine’ already being circulated. I was very excited and brought it home to watch it. The print wasn’t bad and I was really excited to having been able to watch it before the release (knowing of course that it was a pirated one).

Blow me down… I could actually see the strings that held Wolverine when he flew around the sets and the graphics used to create the fight. Okay,  it’s, to an extent, interesting but it butchers the entire fun. I know I should have been patient enough for it to be released but the excitement of getting to watch it overcame me. And yes, I am still going to watch the original version in the theater or if time doesn’t permit, will get the original DVD.

However, the issue is, many a times, even when the original DVDs are available we tend to download the pirated ones just to save our pocket and giving the movie pirates more reason to continue piracy.

All said and done, I am not, of course, going to stop myself from downloading the movies from the net; it’s easily available when I do not have the time to go to the theatres. We have the facilities, we have the source, so why not? The buccaneer are aware of this fact and hence will continue their piracy. However, I do hope there would be a way we could be happy with our pockets while watch the original version as well.


5 thoughts on “The Buccaneer of Modern Times

    1. That’s why am talking of striking a balance between the cost for watching original DVDs and our pockets, or otherwise I doubt piracy can be eradicated completely.

  1. I guess with such high instances of piracy, they really need to ponder on whether it makes sense to make their creations available on the interwebz with a low price tag… m sure the volume will more than make up for the low unit cost….n i feel those who want to go watch it in the thetares, will do so even if its avilable on the net for download…i myself have done that lotsa times…n for all of “us” in the pirate-network, who are at times too impatient to wait or need the convenience of accessing it witha click, will be more than happy to be able to do the “legal” thing and have our convenience too…yeah yeah..i know this sounds well..”politically incorrect”…but lets face it…most of the netizens are into this… does the cyber law i stand a chance of being nabbed for confessin to this??..:P

  2. First of all, the term “piracy” to refer to making copies of digital media is a little extreme. It’s a marketing term perpetuated by the entertainment industry to tar all sharers with the same brush. There are plenty of copyrighted works that can be freely shared with other people without these encumbrances so the general term is unfair to say the least.

    Secondly, it’s not *really* about the money. I’m not a movie buff but I play games quite a bit. I buy original DVDs of most of the games I play (unless they’re *so* old that it’s impossible to find them for sale). The *real* reason as far as I can see is that the people who download rips of movies and cracked versions of games have a genuinely better user experience than the righteous people who pay for their copies. The former doesn’t have to worry about things like being able play it only on some devices, having to use the original discs etc. The latter are (to extend the piracy analogy) enslaved to the corporation they bought the media from. I wrote a little about this here

    Unless the entertainment industry wakes up to the fact that the world has changed and it’s easier to make copies of their stuff than it ever was, they’re going to be fighting a never ending war.

    1. Hey Ibrahim,
      Thanks for your valued inputs.

      The reason behind getting the pirated copies varies from person to person, time to time. My experience from student life says its the money that mattered while my experience with my friends who all are working now and others is similar to what you have said…something more than money. But that’s when we talk about games.

      However, when movies is the matter of discussion, be it when we were students or now when we all are working, most do prefer to watch the pirated ones hired from a movie dvd /cd shop. When asked why, money is the ‘top of the mind’ answer. Even when they buy a movie DVD / CD, I find them buying the pirated ones. Barring the case when the movie they are buying is something according to their individual’s liking worth being in their library for ages, will they go for the Original ones, as they believe these wont get corrupted like the pirated ones over time.

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